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Personalised cast iron gifts

personalised cast iron gifts

Personalised cast iron gifts

Personalised cast iron gifts for weddings, anniversaries, special occasions and birthdays we guarantee you wont find on the high street. The personalised cast iron trivet is a unique practical gift, personalised with fretted decorative wording, names, dates, logo’s  design. Each trivet is set to your requirements at our workshop and completely cast in cast iron, a bespoke gift made immensely for you. made in Britain by Lumley designs.

If you want truly unique gifts for a special occasion then look no further.

Whether the lucky couple are celebrating their big day or you want that extra special gift to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or may be mothers day and fathers day you can be safe in the knowledge that our gifts will stand the test of time and be the one they will treasure for ever.
Made in Great Britain by Lumley designs.

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