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letter boxes through the wall design

Letter boxes through the wall design custom made by Lumley designs, specialists and manufacturers of British made solid cast iron letter boxes created traditional and contemporary styles. With all our letter boxes we care about design and the functional aspects of our products, aim to reach our customers expectation, adopt and approach any requirements using techniques and methods that have been used for generations. Lumley designs letter boxes through the wall design are constructed in solid cast iron complete with a Telescopic and sloping centre Galvanized boxes designed to side, adjust, fit and seal inner wall cavities, solid cast iron front plate with large letter openings suitable for large envelopes and mail, corresponding solid rear door fitted with secure locks and keys make mail easily accessible from desired location. Through the wall letter boxes can also be custom made and cast to display personalised words, names, numbers, sculptured motifs and family crests, range of colour finishes to suit your scheme.