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Blue plaque

Blue plaque

Hand made and sculptured a blue plaque custom made by Robin Lumley at Lumley Designs. Mounted on the old leather Works in Upper Rushall Street Walsall (now the Lyndon house Hotel), to honour business man
John Ashworth Crabtree founder of J. A. Crabtree & Co Ltd 1919. who’s philosophy was
‘that which is built soundly endures’. Learned his trade in Birmingham as an electrical switch
gear designer he was also involved in the war effort in the design and production of bomb
detonators. During this time he designed and patented a “Quick Make – Quick Break” switch.
First setting up business in an old leather shop producing lighting switches made of brass
and china. Dynamtic growth was achieved and in 1923 in the district of Chuckery Walsall a
seven acre green fields site was purchased, within three years the company built a new
factory named Lincoln Works, one of the first companies to use plastic in the manufacturing
and in 1929 the first all plastic mould switch was made. Called the Lincoln Switch it was
recognizable by the C moulded into the “dolly” (operating lever). Many are still in use today
both at home and overseas. Living proof to ” That which is built soundly endures well, as with the Blue plaque custom made in tribute to this Great man, I am confident if well maintained it will stand the test of time, for the public to admire for many years.

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