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Pattern making a skilled trade.

Pattern making a skilled trade.

Patternmaking is a skilled trade, related to mould making but often incorporates fine woodworking. A pattern maker decides where a gating system and risers are placed, where a core is used to which defines where the metal will not flow. Incorporate shrinkage allowance. Incorporate tapers to allow the pattern to be removed from the mould with out damage. These skills are just a few a pattern makers like myself Robin Lumley must consider to work with precision to create a new design or to restore existing cast iron work. It is usually the skills of the pattern maker who executes the design and with this skill I have created my own patterns in high quality cast iron and reproduced cast iron work through out Britain. All the products by Lumley designs Letterboxes, house signs, sign brackets to bespoke design are authentic designs cast and finished by myself Robin Lumley here in Great Britain. This great passion I have for design along with my skill pattern making, I hope will generate and produce more designs for our customers to admire and enjoy.

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