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Custom Made Signs

British made Custom made signs and plaques, designed and created in solid cast iron to your precise specifications by Lumley Designs. Over the years Robin Lumley as used authentic pattern-making techniques and a number of different skills to develop and produce solid cast iron custom made signs at affordable prices. Whether this is a Business plaques, residential sign or commemorative plaque knowing the style, fine detail and colour every sign custom made sign can be designed by Lumley Designs to suit any requirement. Custom made signs can be made to the size you require created in Traditional, contemporary and retro styles in various finishes, personalised with key information names, dates and quotes, company logos and family crests. Lumley Designs work along side our customers to craft immensely individual plaques and do our foremost to develop and supply almost any request. Individually made to order each custom made sign is produced from an original pattern created for you by skilled Pattern-maker Robin Lumley, time and care is taken to set each letter individually and intricate artwork can be designed and added before it is cast, traditional foundry methods are used for this process, all raised lettering and art work is then skillfully finish by hand to ensure authenticity to detail.

  • Custom made signs created in solid cast iron made exclusively to our customers needs. Memorial plaques. Business signs. Corporation plaques. Reference plaques. Farms signs. Restaurants…