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Wood Carving

Born and educated in Wolverhampton Great Britain Robin Lumley gained qualifacations in art and wood work among other things. His main interest woodcarving was introduced to him at the age of 13 year’s by his father. Self taught, Robin gained skills and techniques in woodcarving and model making that gained him recognision and went forward to win national woodcarving and model making competions and numerous commissions. All carving are done in the traditional methods using chisels and gouges.

The old trade of woodcarving is dead but ther are many woodcarvers like Robin Lumley still working their brilliant techniques. Modern architecture does not lend its self to decorative woodcarving but would not the same be said for iron work if it had not been kept alive. With his wood carving and wood working skills Robin have been able to go forward to design, make and supply unique cast iron products to the public. Letterboxes, house signs, business plaques, sign brackets, door furniture and architectural patterns are all designed in wood before being cast into unique practical and funtional products and wonderful intricate cast iron architectural patterns.