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Pattern Making

Lumley designs pattern making service based in Wolverhampton West Midland’s offer’s a wide range of Pattern making service’s, made to order to our customers specifications by Robin Lumley. Railing parts, banister patterns, iron mongery patterns, architectural patterns and cast iron windows are just a small selection of pattern’s that have been supplied to customer’s. I provide a castings and mould making service and a hand carved wooden pattern service for detailed architectural,sculptural and decorative pattern work. Pattern’s are constructed using traditional skills that give each item a unique and artistic and sculrtured quality, expensive CNC machinery is not used. I also make items from photos and drawings, so if you have missing parts, items that need reproducing to the precise profile, that can not be removed, period design that need’s to be replaced, an Interior design project, this service ia also available. For many year’s I Robin lumley have had a great interest in architectural work and design for example Victorian cast iron work and woodcarving that can be found worldwide constructing and embellishing buildings. From my early years to the presant I have developed one of my main crafts as a woodcarver and incorporating this skill with engineering gave me the expertise to become an architectural pattern maker. A wide range of my pattern work as been used in preservation areas across Britian.

Architectural Patterns

A variety of carved and modelled ornamental patterns can be made to order.This pattern is a section of cast iron ceiling rose that was replaced in a restoration project to a period building. This ornamental piece of architecture was achieved by first sculpting the individual part needed and when the protertype was completed it was hand carved in wood. Architectural decorative designs were widely used to embellish building’s through out the centuries.

Castings Supplied

A wide variety of Castings can be supplied through Lumley designs pattern making services from drawings or photographs, they can be produced in any quantity either in grey iron or S G Iron. All our patterns are made by Robin Lumley at Lumley designs wolverhampton and cast at local foundries using traditional foundry methods. Find out more about us.

Gates and Railing Patterns

Cast iron gates, posts, bollards, ornamental conservatory pieces, baluster for staircases, roof finials, fanlights, cast iron replacement greenhouse parts and railings can be made to order or reproduced to be used in restoration work. Most examples of this cast iron work still exsists on bandstands, shelters and seaside towns.

Grills and Air vent patterns

Grills and Air vent patterns and foot treads can be made to order. This particular pattern that displays intricate shapes and tracery is a foot tread pattern I reproduced from drawings and photograph, it was to replace the original grill in a church building. Each section was drawn to scale then hand carved in individual sections this is the master pattern from which the mould was then taken from. It was then casted at a local foundry.These imaginative pieces of craftmanship can be seen in pleasure buildings, Victorian green houses and church buildings. See how our products are made.

Sculptural Patterns

Sculptural and carved models and motifs can be created for corporate gifts arcitectural items or to be used in conjuntion with plaques firebacks and memorials Through our pattern making service.Unique designs can be created from drawings and photographs, timeworn items can be reproduced and replaced with new castings. All our castings are cast at local foundries using traditional foundry methods. See how our products are made.