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House Sign Restoration

Your house sign can create a great first impression to your home, but if you have a house sign that is looking a bit tired and worn you do not have to replace it with a new one, unless you want a change or something different, here at Lumley Designs we do a renovation service, but something like a house sign is a good diy project, and is quite simple to do yourself, below are a few simple steps to show you how this can be done.

This is is a house sign that a customer bought in to be restored.


First of all it was stripped using paint stripper, it is not always needed, but if you do use it read the instruction carefully.


After a few minutes the paint will start to bubble, usually after 20 -30 minuets the sign is ready to strip.


Depending on the amount of paint on the house sign the paint is easly removed.


Scrape of as much paint of the sign as possible, re apply more stripper if needed.


Finally after washing off any paint remover, go over the hose sign with a wire brush and sandpaper to remove any paint left in corners and clean off any inperfections.


Your house sign is now ready to paint. You will first need to apply a suitable primer and a couple of top coats of paint, when this has dryed out you are ready to finish your sign of by highlighting the letters and painting motifs etc.


Finally your house sign is ready to be reinstalled.