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About us, Lumley Designs

about_imLumley Designs is a family run business established in 1998 who specialize in the best unique stunning British cast iron designs to suit everyone’s requirements. All the product available from Lumley Designs are authentic unique designs created using time-honoured Skills by pattern-maker Robin Lumley that upholds a proud reputation to design and produce bespoke cast iron goods and takes great pride and care to achieve what he sets out to create  from precision pattern-making, intricate artwork and architectural designs in cast metal. Brick in the wall Letter boxes, surface mounted letter boxes, wall letter plates, letter plates, house number signs house name signs, business signs, created with beautiful artwork in the forms of cast iron, direction signs, projecting sign brackets, door furniture, door knockers, personalised gifts fret worked in delicate cast iron, war memorials, commemorative plaques and detailed restoration work are just a few examples of the work he can produce in timeless cast iron.

Based in Wolverhampton working as a talented British industrial artist for the last 25 years, Robin Lumley has been passionate about craftsmanship, innovation and is always committed to excellence. Continuing to develop and design for retail and architectural sectors with a growing client base, he looks forward to an exciting future and will always endeavor to supply a professional and personal service and maintain the need to supply specific designs and ideas through customer input. All this is possible because he can design the product, make a prototype, produce precision made patterns that are all individually cast using traditional methods at our local foundry selected by us for their expertise in casting metal, the outstanding quality of each casting and their indomitable work ethic and determination to succeed, over the years we have become very strong business associates and have developed a very trustworthy working relationship. At present Robin’s family run business Lumley Designs have a large range of functional and decorative cast iron products, all unique designs truly made in Great Britain.

Lumley Designs recent clients include, Wolverhampton city council, Walsall council, Plymouth naval dockyards, Wolverhampton University, Western Park house and gardens, Hampton court Palace, Westminster cathedral and the English Heritage. Lumley Designs are proud to say we work using traditional methods and traditional foundry techniques to create and produce top quality British casting to our clientele.