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Parcel Delivery box plus mailbox The Royal

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs


Letterbox Colour *

Lettering Colour


  • Parcel Delivery box plus mailbox
  • Measurements: H 610 mm x W 325 mm x D 170 mm
  • Weight: 29.0000 kg
  • parcel drop opening: 274 mm x 78 mm
  • Parcel delivery lid also comes with a choice of locks, Combination lock, Thumb lock or Key lock to keep your parcels safe
  • Large mail opening:    235 mm x 50 mm.
  • Cast iron door.
  • Door opening:   H 275 mm x W 220 mm.
  • Secure lock, two keys
  • Optional colour choice.
  • Optional personalised.
  • Optional Motifs.
  • Ideal for small parcel drops


Parcel Delivery box plus mailbox, The Royal made in solid cast iron and made in the Black Country. Designed for parcel drops and mail the top opening takes small to medium parcels. The delivery box lid is made of strong cast iron, the parcel drop opening size 274mm x 78mm and the overall size of the Parcel delivery box plus letter box is H 610mm x W325mm x D 170mm the delivery box lid also comes with a choice of locks, combination lock, thumb lock or key lock to keep your parcels safe. The combination lock is a good choice. The code to open your parcel delivery box can be added to special delivery instructions or other information box in the check out process under special delivery instruction, the courier simply enters the number to open the lid. The parcels can be retrieved from the large front door. Special delivery instructions can also apply to key locks and other locking methods, whichever way works best suits you.

The parcel delivery box the Royal is designed by attaching a parcel drop to the Royal letter box and is a permanent solid cast to the top of the box, this can not be taken off. The parcel delivery box also as a well designed letter opening for your mail and solid cast iron door to the front of the letter box including lock and two keys. Lumley Designs can also personalise your parcel delivery box with house names, add motifs and other various colours are available. Lumley Designs are proud to say we design and manufacture all our parcel delivery boxes and all of our cast iron products.


Additional information

Weight29.0000 kg
Dimensions170 × 325 × 610 mm
Letter box colour