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Iron Memorial Plaque

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs

  • Cast iron memorial plaques.
  • Dimensions 260 mm x 110 mm x 145 from highest point.
  • 18 inch mild steel removable bolted ground stake for easy maintenance.
  • Personalised wording solid raised cast wording.
  • Artistic solid cast motifs designed and finished to your requirements.
  • Personalised wording finished in variety of Colours’
  • Bespoke memorials designed and made in Quality cast iron by Robin Lumley at Lumley designs here in the Black country.


Cast iron memorial plaques custom made personalised with white, can be completed in a choice of colours.  Supported by a 18 inch removable mild steel bolted ground stake for easy maintenance, ample room for a logo,  motif  and words individually written with hand set cast lettering then a traditional sand cast method is used to present top quality plaques designed immensely to your requirements. Lumley designs are dedicated to provide high quality personalised plaques with solid raised cast wording, motifs and logos hand finished by skilled craftsman Robin Lumley at Lumley Designs. Please contact us with your requirements and I will price the memorial accordingly, For a more information regarding your requirements or to place your order please contact  by telephone, we will always do our foremost to fulfil your requirements.

quality solid cast memorial plaques designed and custom made all shapes, styles and sizes available.

 Motifs designs sculptured Robin Lumley at by Lumley Designs.

Additional information

Weight1.5000 kg