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Memorial Wooden Cross

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs


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  • Memorial.
  • Wooden Cross.
  • Dimensions: 200 mm x 405 mm
  • Material: Polished/Treated Hardwood.
  • Brass plate: Engraved inscription using high quality engraving techniques.
  • Optional: Vinyl lettering.
  • Optional: engraved inscription directly into the memorial cross.
  • Each wooden cross is authentically made and finished by skilled craftsman Robin Lumley.
  • Truly made in Great Britain.


Memorial wooden cross by Lumley Designs styled and constructed in quality polished/treated Hardwood chose for its durability, ideal for outdoor locations and suitable for area’s exposed to weather element the memorial wooden cross can be personalised  complete with key information names dates and quotes no order is complicated. Furthermore Lumley designs offer a variety of styles and finishes in which the memorial wooden cross can be personalised, completed with brass plates individually custom made using high quality engraving techniques, engraved inscriptions directly into the memorial cross, commemorative details created in top quality weather resistant vinyl lettering available in a variety of colours for you to chose from.

The Memorial cross is a memento of personal loss, commemorate’s a site where a person may have passed suddenly and a perfect way to remember your best friend.   Please contact us before ordering the memorial plate to confirm the wording you require will fit.

Lumley  designs custom make memorial, commemorative plaques and Blue plaques created in solid cast iron for more information please follow the links, alternatively please contact us by email or personally by telephone we will always do our foremost to fulfill your requirements.

Additional information

Weight0.4000 kg
Dimensions200 × 400 × 18 mm