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Plain and Personalised Harley mail box

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs


Letter box colour *

Numbers and lettering if required

Lettering Colour *

  • Plain fronted cast iron letter plate
  • Or personalised cast iron letter plate
  • Mail box Dimensions: W 305 mm x H 218
  • Weight: 6.5000 kg
  • Large letter opening  240 mm x 40 mm.
  • Styled weather shield.
  • Optional personalised lettering/numbers permanent raised cast features.
  • Optional colours available.
  • Optional we finish by request in your Ral no. colour
  • Also available the Harley through the wall letter boxes complete with rear mail door.


Mail box custom made plain or Personalised by Lumley Designs manufactures of top quality cast iron products. Our complete range of quality letter boxes and letter plates are made in robust cast iron a strong easy to maintain material that with the right care will stand the test of time. The Harley mail box is designed to be surface mounted, measures 218 mm x 305 mm the large letter opening measuring 240 mm x 40 mm is sheltered by a styled gable hood to prevent your post from being damaged by weather conditions. The Harley mail box is a plain fronted letter plate in solid cast iron primed and top coated in black alternative colours now available. Furthermore Lumley Designs will personalise the Harley mail box with wording/numbers, your choice of personalised words/numbers are permanent pronounced solid cast features, cast on to the letter plate front then completed by hand at our workshop here in the Black Country to meet each individual requirement. To place your order select the letterbox colour, and if required lettering/number colour from the selection boxes to the right of the web page, for more information please contact us by email or telephone we will do our foremost to fulfill your requirements. If you wish you may place or discuss your order via the telephone. The Harley letter box can also be purchased in the original design. Please select the letterbox colour, lettering colour and wording if required. For more information please contact us we always do our foremost to fulfill your requirements.
The plain or personalised Harley mail box truly designed and manufactured in Great Britain by Artist and pattern- maker Robin Lumley is also available as a through the wall built in design complete with a secure rear mail door and expanding galvanized inner wall box.

Additional information

Weight6.5000 kg
Dimensions218 × 305 mm