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King Arthur Sundial

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs


A sundial sand cast in solid cast iron, the sundial illustrates king Arthur portrait with the gnomon sword in the stone adding a dramatic effect to this mythical piece. The original pattern was hand made in the traditional manner by Robin Lumley and as with all our bespoke garden sundials, sand cast in cast iron at our local foundry. A garden ornament styled to create interest. This artistic sundial embellished with king Arthur together with the sword in the stone gnomon is an eye catching garden piece. Made in cast iron from the original hand craved pattern, by British artist and craftsman Robin Lumley. Individually sand cast at our local foundry here in the Black Country.


  • King Arthur sundial
  • Garden Sundial.
  • Measurement:    242 mm Diameter  9  1/2 inches.
  • Material:              Solid cast iron.
  • Weight:                2.000kg.
  • Gnomon:             Sword in the stone.
  • Sundial:               Design: Roman numerals and king Arthur.
  • Finish:                 Primed and top coated in Black, Antique gold or Silver destressed finish if required.
  • Sundial:               Suitable for the Garden, outdoor areas and courtyards, can be placed in your desired location.
  • Truly made in Great Britain using traditional methods by Lumley Designs.

Additional information

Weight2.0000 kg