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Khanda Door Knocker

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs


  • Khanda door knocker.
  • Dimensions 180 mm x 70 mm
  • Solid cast iron.
  • Complete with striker and fixing
  • Available large Khanda door knockers 225 mm x 105 mm.
  • Custom made by Lumley Designs.


Khanda door knocker finished in black with a gold symbol, this stylish design is a wonderful piece of door furniture a spiritual expressive design custom made in solid cast iron brought together with the religious Khanda symbol a symbolic, spiritual design that consists of three objects, two-edged sword (which itself is known by the name Khanda), circled by the solid circle known as a Chakra. The symmetry and balance of the Khanda door knocker adds statement and elegance to your entrance or locations.

For more information please contact us and place your we will do our foremost to fulfill your requirements.

Lumley designs also custom make Khanda personalized gifts.

Additional information

Weight0.5500 kg
Dimensions180 × 70 mm