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Spider Sundial

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs


  • Cast iron spider sundial.
  • Solid cast iron design.
  • measures 185 mm diameter.
  • Features ornate gnomon and spider.
  • Cast iron spider sundial to catch the eye not the fly.
  • Designed Truly in the Black Country by artist and skilled pattern-maker Robin Lumley


Cast iron spider sundial a stunning hand crafted sundial created in solid cast iron designed in the Black Country by artist and craftsman Robin Lumley is a very popular sundial shaped and styled to look like a web measures 185 mm diameter design features include an ornate gnomon and spider to catch the eye not the fly of all generations. The cast iron spider sundial adds character and imagination to residential gardens, communal gardens and creates an outstanding design concept to patio and balcony gardens.
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Additional information

Weight1.5000 kg