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Baby Changing Rooms Cast Iron Plaque

Made in Great Britain by Lumley Designs


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  • Baby Changing facility Sign. 
  • Solid cast iron.
  • Shape Oval.  
  • Dimensions:  80 mm x 100 mm.
  • Weight:  0.3100 kg.
  • Black Background.
  • Raised cast mother and baby motif finished in white.
  • Custom made signs created to direct and restrict by Lumley Designs.


Baby Changing room facility sign oval in shape, solid cast iron, clear direct raised cast mother and baby logo complete with fixing. Each sign is individually finished in durable black paint complemented with prominent noticeable white motif. The infant changing room sign is a superb information plaques, controls and restricts use and guides to make known this facility is available for public use. The baby changing room facility sign is designed, made, and finally hand finished to the highest quality by Robin Lumley at Lumley Designs.

Lumley designs custom make and have a wide range of plaques in a variety of styles and shapes to meet your requirements. Please contact us for more information we will always do our foremost to fulfill your requirements.

Additional information

Weight0.3100 kg
Dimensions80 × 100 mm